Why do I need a website when I have an offline marketing campaign?

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For any business it is imperative that they have a good marketing strategy so that their products are marketed well. Marketing channels are many for e.g.- Through brochures, business cards, flyers, leaflets and of course word of the mouth publicity. So if there are so many avenues for marketing of products why is a website of prime importance in today’s world?

Before the internet boom in the early nineties, people used to rely solely on offline marketing of products. As the internet started making its presence manifold the concept of websites and digital marketing started gaining importance. It’s because the world is coming closer and people are more and more shifting from the traditional methods of marketing to the online world.

So what’s the reason for this?

Easy accessibility-You can access the website whenever you want.

Helps establish credibility-If you don’t have a website people may assume that you are not taking your business seriously and that you are just any another company not looking for potential customers.

Cost Effective-Building a website is a very low cost marketing method in the long run. This is because once a website is developed you can increase your online presence in the social media like face book, twitter and LinkedIn where practically there are no marketing costs involved. Whereas printing a brochure, leaflet time and again would require spending large of not only money but also your time.

Global Presence-A website can be accessed in any part of the world, whichever corner of the world. It is a great source for increasing your customer base online.

Self Service customer support-Another advantage of having a website is that you can increase your overall customer support. This is because if you post Q&A on your website, or create forums where users can interact and ask questions about your product then it is a great base for increasing your customers and having interaction with them.

Information –A website provides you with a lot of information about the product or the business apart from just a contact number. People get to know more about your services.

Sales- Your website can sell products at any time. It is not restricted to just the business hours. This can provide a dramatic boost to your sales.

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