What is the Difference between Website Design and Website Development?

Site Admin

The basic design principal is to achieve balanced website design. It is concerned with how the site looks and how the customers interact with it. Web development is programming and interactions on Pages which collaborates to maintain and update database used by dynamic website.

  1. Meaning –

Designing is the process of Collecting ideas, arranging and implementing them where as Web development refers to Building, creating and maintaining website. Web designers are architect of web and developer are builders.

  1. Elements –

Design consist of Proper Layout, color combinations, Graphic designing, Alignment, Content of Website. Web Development fully depends on coding. Without coders plan would never come to live.

  1. Tools –

Designing is utilizing creativity, intuition and imagination to generate stunning experience of Clients. Tools like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla are used to create and edit website development.

  1. Purpose of Web design and Web Development–
  1. To understand deeply how web design impacts on company’s public image.
  2. To focus how the site works and how audience gives feedback on it
  3. To find out impact of improving usability of conversion.
  4. To create better style, layouts, Look and Feel of website.
  5. To Test your website Performance.
  6. To Increase Traffic on your Website.
  7. Helps to increase your sale and customers.