What is the difference between an Advertising Agency and a Brand Consultancy?

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  1. Brand story –

Sometimes advertising agency confuses the buyer by misleading advertises. They cleverly creates misleading impressions of their goods. 

Buyer come to realize later that the information given in advertising was something else where as the actual product was quite different from it.

Brand consultant offers a wide array of unique vantage points to develop brand story which helps to build emotional connections and royalty to your brand.

  1. Creative Thinking -

If advertising agency develops a successful campaign similar to yours it may not do with your product. There is chance that the advertising agencies will not take time to be creative.

A brand consultant will develop a brand plan or brand blueprint that will drive the brand strategy, both internally and externally. Interpretation of results led to several possible methods of creativity. The brand consultant will work with you to determine the best resources to use to get the whole organization on brand. “Creativity involves ordinary cognitive processes yielding extraordinary results”.

  1. Deliver your message clearly –

Promotional campaigns and ideas suggested by advertising agency may not reflect the firm’s mission and values.Advertising uses creativity to get your attention.

 A brand consultant will create leverage and specific data to develop Brand Vision, Mission & Values which provides the direction for your brand to be communicate to your Audience.

  1. Cost Effective –

The most often cited drawback of advertising agency is advertising agency’s work is difficult to measure. If it doesn’t work you have to go through the whole process again, get rid of the agency, and hire another one so that they can come up with a creative.

So unless you have very, very deep pockets and can advertise consistently for long periods of time, this approach is simply going to waste valuable resources. A brand consultant will carry out an audit of your business, and then determine the best way forward for you. They will look to improve R&D, sales, production, supply chains and customer relationships.

“So it is the Brand Consultant you should look to if you want to build a brand.”