Social Media Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

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  1. Brand Recognition –

Traditional marketing is mostly face to face selling. Due to lack of community advertisers often fail to reach to the Audience.

Social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Discussion forums etc. makes you more familiar to identify a particular product or service. It helps to improve your business.

  1. Increase your online Exposure –

With Traditional Marketing Ads, It is difficult to target specific customers. Social media marketing attracts new business and clients by Social media tools and online ad campaigns.

  1. Engagement –

Traditional marketing doesn’t respond as quickly as newer form of communication. It has low response rate as they are not directly engaged with Audience.

People Purchase from the brand they trust. Social media Marketing helps to Build trust which indirectly influences Engagement of Audience.

  1. Cost Effective –

Traditional marketing does not maintain proper control over its cost. Social media is Easier to manage as it is Reasonable and affordable.

  1. Target Market –

In Traditional marketing macro market segments can be targeted but not individual due to less information. In social media marketing content is Identify and evaluate by analyzing followers, keywords by targeting different segments.