Protect your brand

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Whether you have a company with employees, or just a blog you write yourself, you have a brand to protect. Social networking and blogging have all brought additional risks as brand hijackers steal customers and revenues as many as one in seven searches for brands lead searchers to somewhere other than the brand’s website.

Keep your company’s website up to date - Your website is the first place where researchers go about finding your company product so make sure you leave a strong good impression. Writing strong bios for your company is a great way to introduce to people. By keeping your website up-to date and providing an extensive bio page you can help legitimise your company.

Create a company blog - A company blog can do more than increase your search visibility engines, it can also drive traffic to your site and a good way to build relationships with your customers.

Make domain security a priority - Domains are business critical assets that demand around the clock protection to maintain business continuity and protect brand reputation. Be sure to employ multiple layers of protection including state-of the art security.

Protect your digital content - Every company has digital content that needs to be protected. Because if it has value it is vulnerable

Monitor your brand’s online reputation - One of the best ways to protect your brand is by paying attention to what people are saying about you and your business.

Choose the name of your brand wisely - The more unique and the more different your brand name is it helps in standing out among the competition and become a brand with real value.

Protecting your brand (in a nutshell).Keep your brand on the top the mind in every decision you make.Market your brand cleverly

Work on your brand - every employee should buy into the value of your brand or your customers will go elsewhere

Set yourself apart from the competition and work hard to show what is distinctive about your brand

Keep up with the changing styles, trends, and technology.