Benefits of Static Websites

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Benefits of Static Websites
Static websites, in simple words means where content is fixed and invariable, regardless of the user. The content is static or fixed.

The Benefits of a static website are-
1. Less expensive - Static websites are easy to develop with low cost. Information contained in the website does not need to be changed or updated much
2. Speed and resources - Static web pages can load very quickly as long as the photos and the other web content are optimized.
3. Mobility - A static web page is easier to move from one page to another, from one server to another just by moving the files in the folder.
4. Developer independent - Static websites are mostly developed with HTML, which is mostly common knowledge and any developer can assist you with the specific improvements.
5. Flexibility - It is the main advantage of a static website. Every web page can be different if desired to match the layout of the different content and the designer is free to put any different effects as desired by the client.
6. Compatible - A static website is compatible with every kind of web server technology.
7. Efficiently deliver content - it the fastest, easiest and the most secure way to deliver content.
8. Simple URL structure - Static websites have simple URL structure that are free of special characters and have no server side interaction. It is easier for search engines spiders to crawl and index or rank the web pages.
9. Demonstration - Static web pages are ideal for demonstrating how a site will look.